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Veris Mapping

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Veris Mapping

As you harvest your fields, you may find that certain areas are not producing as well as you’d hoped. Not all saline or heavy clay areas are noted in the soil survey maps, so rather than putting more money into seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, it is worth mapping out your fields with a Veris to precisely identify problem areas. Once the problem areas have been identified, you can act precisely to mitigate the problem.

Why have Tone Ag Consulting Ltd. do Veris mapping of your fields?


  • Know where the problem areas in fields are. No more guesstimates that there’s a saline patch in the SE corner somewhere.
  • Know what the soil textures are across your fields and plan drainage appropriately
  • Know what effects soil textures will have on your crop plans.
  • Know where your field zones are for variable rate

For more on soil EC mapping, go to Veris Technologies.

We’ve found that Veris work goes best right after harvest, before the field is worked.

Call 204-433-7189 today to book your Veris mapping for this fall!

Veris map showing areas of low, moderate, and high salinity in a field