Tone Ag Consulting Ltd.

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Soil Sampling
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Tone Ag has years of experience in soil sampling across Manitoba in all conditions.

  • Sampling Depths : 0 - 6 and 6 - 24 inches by default, other depths as requested
  • Sample Sites Per Field : 160 acres and less - 15 : greater than 160 acres - 20
  • GPS sample sites if requested

Most of our sampling is done using an in-cab soil probe mounted in a 4x4 truck.

Truck Soil Sampler Ron giving a demo of the in-cab soil sampler


We have a soil sample rig attached to an ATV, so we can sample in almost any field conditions. When your field is too wet to work and you want soil samples taken, give us a call and we'll be there. We also have hand probes if conditions are too extreme for the ATV - we're unstoppable!

Soil sampling with the ATV


Tone Ag Consulting has a Ranger Soils Auger which allows us to do deep soil sampling. Our primary use for this auger is to establish background profiles for fields where manure will be spread. Depending on the soil, we can sample to depths of up to 30 feet.

Soils Auger in Action Demonstrating how to use the soils auger

Tone Ag Consulting has carried out detailed soil surveys (survey intensity level 3 SIL3) on several fields, which included the following tasks:

  • review of background environmental conditions
  • interpretation of stereo aerial photographs and delineation of terrain polygons
  • ground-truthing of terrain polygons
  • establishment of representative soil inspection sites soil sites
  • sampling of representative soil series for chemical and physical characteristics
  • GPS location plotted on orthophotos and recorded in tabular forms
  • soil legend development
  • soil-landscape map production
  • writing up a final report including all data and digital maps to be made available to become part of Manitoba soil database

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