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Current Projects

On-Farm Research

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Seeding Date, Rainfall and Flowering

We are continuing to partner with theĀ Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers this year with the On-Farm Network. In 2018, we will be doing replicated strip trials on soybeans in order to determine the optimal seeding rate across Manitoba, whether it is economical to use in-furrow and seed applied inoculant on fields with a two or three-year history of soybeans, and the effects of seed treatments and fungicides on yield and maturity. Results from previous trials can be viewed on the MPSG On-Farm Database.

We are also working with the Manitoba Corn Growers Association in 2018 to continue our study from on the effects of nitrogen rate and timing in corn production. Results from last year's trials can be found here.

We also use replicated strip trials to evaluate efficacy and profitability of inputs for our clients. Replicated strips allow us to determine whether or not there is a statistical significance in the results.

If you are a grower that might be interested in field-scale trials, please feel free to give us a call at 204-433-7189.