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Manure Management

Manure Management Plans

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Here is a partial list of services Tone Ag Consulting provides with respect to manure management:

  • Soil sampling and analysis: 0 - 6 and 6 - 24 inches
  • GPS mapping of fields to be spread
  • Calculate application rate and ensure enough land is allocated
  • Fill out and file Manitoba Sustainable Development¬†Manure Management Plans
  • Send map of spreading areas within each field and amounts to be spread to applicator
  • Collect and analyze manure samples
  • Map spread area and spreading patterns in conjunction with applicator
  • File Spreading Confirmation Report with Manitoba Sustainable Development
  • Provide a detailed report to the operator, highlighting any areas of concern and making recommendations to ensure sustainability
  • Plan follow up as required with applicators and government personnel

To give you a better idea of what we offer, click here to download a sample manure management report in PDF format. You will need Adobe's PDF viewer to open this file. (File size is about 1.5 MB)


Spreading Manure May 2001

As of March 30, 2004, Manitoba Conservation requires that manure management plans be completed annually by all livestock operations of 300 or more Animal Units. These plans must be submitted to Manitoba Conservation by July 10 for Fall spreading and by February 10 for Spring spreading. Manure management plans indicate the parcel(s) of land that will receive manure, the crop(s) to be grown, the amount of nutrients required to grow the crop(s), and the amounts of nutrients available in the manure. Click here for a copy of The Environment Act - Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management

The manure management plan allows the operator to calculate the amount of manure that will be applied to the land. To minimize any surface removal, buildup, or movement of leacheates such as Nitrate-nitrogen, manure and other nutrient sources are to be applied at rates commensurate to crop fertility demands, as described in the Manure Management Plan. The goals are to achieve efficient utilization of manure, increase net income, and minimize environmental impacts.

New regulations came into effect November 10, 2013 restricting the amount of allowable phosphorous in the soil and winter spreading.

More Manure Management information from Tone Ag is available here.