Tone Ag Consulting Ltd.

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Irrigation Assessments
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Tone Ag Consulting offers agronomic assessments to producers who are considering installing irrigation systems or who are looking at expanding existing systems. We assist farmers in locating soil and terrain features which will have an impact on their operations. With our assessments in hand, you can be confident that your operation is sustainable over the long term. We have carried out irrigation assessments for the Morden branch of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) and for the Association of Irrigators in Manitoba (AIM) as well as for independent potato growers.

Irrigation Pivot

We provide

  • Soil Resource Information
    • Soil Group Details for Each Parcel
    • Irrigation Suitability Ratings for Soil Groups
    • Soil Suitability for Irrigated Potato Production
    • Soil/Water Compatibility Evaluation
  • Agronomic Assessment and Recommendations
    • Crop Rotation Evaluation
    • Nutrient Assessment and Recommendations
    • Irrigation Assessment and Recommendations
    • Soil Quality Evaluation
    • Salinity Appraisal
  • Professional Certification
    • Recommendations for Further Study
    • Groundwater Resource Monitoring Recommendations
    • Water Quality Evaluation
  • Detailed maps
    • Project overview
    • Orthophotos
    • Land Use Data
    • Agricultural Capability
    • Irrigation suitability Rating
    • Irrigated Potato Production Suitability
    • Groundwater Hazards
    • Potential Environmental Impact