Tone Ag Consulting Ltd.

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Crop Scouting

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The best thing you can put on your field is your shadow!

The key to dealing with crop problems is getting to them early.  To get to the problems early, you need to be out checking your fields regularly. Tone Ag Consulting can scout your crops for you, spotting problems and notifying you of what we find. We give you the most economical and sustainable recommendations for your crops.

Why Have Tone Ag Consulting Do Your Crop Scouting?

  • Tone Ag has over 20 years of experience crop scouting in Manitoba.
  • Ron Tone is certified as a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) and a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).
  • Tone Ag Consulting is independent – we are not trying to sell you seed, chemicals, or fertilizers.  We’ll give you the unvarnished facts and can provide dealer-independent recommendations.
  • We check the fields for you on roughly a weekly basis from seeding to swathing.
  • We provide you with recommendations on weed, insect, and disease control as well as fertility.
  • We scout all crops!

Checking plants while crop scouting