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Crop Damage Claims

Damage Claims

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"We thank you for your excellent, well put-together report, which we will find very useful in finalizing this claim."  Doug Friesen, CIP, Executive Adjuster, ClaimsPro

Floods, insects, chemical drift, vandalism, and negligence can all damage crops. Tone Ag Consulting can help you by determining the cause of crop damage, assessing the value of the damage, and providing a expert witness for your claim. We provide:

  • Complaint Investigation
  • Documentation of Claim
  • Crop Diagnostic Information
  • Calculations of Loss
  • A detailed report explaining our conclusions and how we came to them

Crop Damage More crop damage information from Tone Ag.


Crop Damage Claim Tips

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Something awful has happened to your crop.

Spray drift from the neighbor’s has killed half your crop, cows have wandered over and munched their way through your plastic silage cover, the latest drain modifications and heavy rains have washed away half your field, strips of the field were missed, hay was baled when it was way too wet, that low-flying plane sprayed your trees, or the wrong herbicide was put into the sprayer tank.  Whatever the cause, things are looking ugly.

Spray Drift


Here are a few suggestions for how Tone Ag Consulting can help with your crop damage claim.

Missed strips

Call us early The ideal situation is to get things settled without involving anyone but you and the person responsible for the damage.  If it looks as though it’s not going to be settled quickly get Tone Ag to come out as quickly as possible to assess the damage.  We can perform a more accurate assessment of the damage if we’re there early on.  We’ve done crop damage claims across agricultural Manitoba and even into eastern Saskatchewan.  Usually we can be there within a couple days.

Wrong chemical

Write it down The more information you have written down, the quicker and easier the assessment will be.  Here are some suggestions for things to note:

  • Legal description of the field
  • Crop and variety
  • Date seeded
  • Chemicals applied
  • Date damage was first observed
  • Suspected source
  • Description of damage
  • Contact information for any other parties involved (lawyers, insurance agents, custom applicators, and so on)


Don’t do anything to the field till it’s been assessed On a couple of cases, we’ve come out to do an assessment and found that the field has been partially or completely worked under.  Needless to say, this doesn’t make for a solid assessment.

Comparison damaged canola vs undamaged

Tone Ag Consulting can provide you with an independent third-party assessment of the damage done to your crops.  If your crop damage claim goes to court we can serve as expert witnesses and back up our damage assessments with solid facts and figures.  If you need help with a crop damage claim, give us a call!